The SF Chronicle by Deborah Stoll (3/27/19)

“From the ocean breezes of the Outer Richmond, to the gridded streets of the Sunset District, to the warehouse fringes of Oakland, the Bay Area’s indie musical aesthetic is alive and kicking…”

Brooklyn Vegan by Bill Pearis (2/4/19)

FLOOD Magazine by Mike LeSuer (3/13/19)

KQED by Jordan Ranft (3/28/19)

“Creating a new platform for independent and experimental music is a risky proposition in this economy, but Smith speaks of dreams as large as the ones in his songs…Bay Area artists have taken their fair share of hits over the past 20-odd years, and something organic like Rocks in your Head, funded in part by its local community, promises more security moving forward.” – kqed

“It’s almost bigger than I can comprehend at the moment.”

Sonny Smith

SF WEEKLY by Peter Lawrence Kane (1/30/19)

“This city is not dead like people thought. It wasn’t destroyed and there’s a lot of artists making really weird stuff.”

Sonny Smith by Daniel Bromfield (3/22/19)

“I don’t know if my ultimate intention is to put [San Francisco] on the map…But it has been my desire to just embrace what’s around me…It’s been really gratifying to embrace what’s actually happening in the community. Whether or not it’ll garner national attention I have no idea—that’s not my main mission.”

Sonny Smith

Aquarium Drunkard by K. Evans (1/21/19)

“After last year’s streamlined solo album, San Francisco’s favorite son returns with the forthcoming Hairdressers From Heaven, the first Sunsets album since 2016. Produced by James Mercer and Yuuki Matthews of The Shins, Hairdressers is also the first on Sonny’s new Rocks In Your Head Records label. The album’s first clipping, “A Bigger Picture,” is pure Sonny & The Sunsets—a sunbaked pallet of instrumentation and voices carrying along an evocative tale both playful and scathing (“Past the Krispy Kreme where the lonely cops meet and share their Nutty Cocoa Rings and dream about a killing spree”). “Let’s be free / Let’s be freaks,” indeed.”

Aquarium Drunkard

BEATROUTE by Cole Young (3/8/19)

album review

“…the album is driven by catchy basslines met with complex yet simple-sounding drum beats right from the opening track onwards.  Smith’s lyrics are sharp and witty…”

Cole Young

EARMILK by George Chammas (2/20/19)

“There’s so much to love about Sonny & the Sunsets but let’s not overlook Rocks in Your Head Records. This is a brand new label started by Sonny and designed to reinvigorate things in San Francisco in a way only Sonny knows how to do. He brings his genuine, unpretentious attitude full force into this new project.”

George Chammas

Broke Ass Stuart by Alex Mak (2/14/19)

Interview with Rocks In Your Head Records founder, Sonny Smith

Pitchfork by Trey Alston (1/23/19)

Hairdressers From Heaven Album Announcement

Indie For Bunnies by Antonio Paolo Zucchelli (2/21/19)