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Pre-order of VOLUME 1: Hot Sick Vile And Fun. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
releases July 19, 2019

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1. Gonks – Hot Sick Vile And Fun
2. Galore – Lemon Tea
3. Toyota – Why
4. David Novick – Common Tern
5. Blue Ocean – Love
6. Bozmo – Hobby Job
7. Cindy – Book in Heaven
8. Bruce Ackley – Carlos The Uber Driver
9. Galore – Shiver
10. Rays – California
11. Tony Jay – The Ballad Of…
12. April Magazine – Always
13. Preschool – Sad Girl Hours
14. Well Read Seals – Anywhere But Here
15. Bruce Ackley – Helena Handbasket
16. Grace Cashmere (Grace Sings Sludge) – I Waited
17. Advice Gurus – Bad Advice

This is a modest selection of the great
and often weird new art happening in San
Francisco now, in this era, that i saw during a
small personal odyssey through a San
Francisco musical underground that has been
flourishing despite a total corporate coup of
the city…
Toyota, defying categories, a twisted
Carl Stalling meets Devo sound while asking
the eternal question “why?” sits next to an
accapella from the Gonks: “I was in a hit and
run… I felt hot and sick and done, vile humans
ruin fun…. Hot, sick, vile and fun/ but I still
believe in love…”