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releases July 19, 2019

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1. Gonks – Hot Sick Vile And Fun
2. Galore – Lemon Tea
3. Toyota – Why
4. David Novick – Common Tern
5. Blue Ocean – Love
6. Bozmo – Hobby Job
7. Cindy – Book in Heaven
8. Bruce Ackley – Carlos The Uber Driver
9. Galore – Shiver
10. Rays – California
11. Tony Jay – The Ballad Of…
12. April Magazine – Always
13. Preschool – Sad Girl Hours
14. Well Read Seals – Anywhere But Here
15. Bruce Ackley – Helena Handbasket
16. Grace Cashmere (Grace Sings Sludge) – I Waited
17. Advice Gurus – Bad Advice

This is a modest selection of the great
and often weird new art happening in San
Francisco now, in this era, that i saw during a
small personal odyssey through a San
Francisco musical underground that has been
flourishing despite a total corporate coup of
the city…
Toyota, defying categories, a twisted
Carl Stalling meets Devo sound while asking
the eternal question “why?” sits next to an
accapella from the Gonks: “I was in a hit and
run… I felt hot and sick and done, vile humans
ruin fun…. Hot, sick, vile and fun/ but I still
believe in love…”



Nitro. Astro. Boogeyman from space. My name is Sonny Smith. This is a Sonny & the Sunsets recording. We started a label. Rocks in Your Head Records, named after a record shop I used to spend time in, in Soho New York two decades ago that uplifted me in a way only old record stores can. The first release is this record, Hairdressers from Heaven. We are going to put out some records that would end up in that old store. Some weird bands, some fictional bands, some real bands. San Francisco has taken hits. Clubs have closed. Artists have left. People have made eulogies – This is something up which we cannot put! There are good bands in this city. There are great artists making bizarre shit. There are underground HAPPENINGS. There are SECRET shows. There are artists in the streets duking it out with Nazis. Shit is going down. The corporate bulldozers ran through the city and they are still driving around demolishing the place. These tanks are called Death and they bring a foul stench. Humbly, this label is our version of throwing nails at the tank tires.

Hairdressers from Heaven. Can I tell you it’s the only record this label has put out I stand behind? It’s a mixtape. Different sounds, different musicians on here, recorded different places. Things got loose. Piano driven at times, drum machines, strange harmonies, it was made by instinct, very unconsciously, loose. I don’t know how Kelley came up with a circular Kraut-like bass line for Ghost Days but he did, or how on Someday I’d like to Be an Artist, we slowed the tape down and made a strange arpeggiated piano solo and then Dylan Edrich turned it into a Moondog like orchestral solo. Or for Man Without a Past we made a bongo bass instrumental song then perennial collab Rusty Miller put a synth bass on it later, then what- Bruce Ackley brought his saxophone to my apartment. Now it’s almost Sun Ra in vibe. Or longtime sunset Tahlia Harbour started singing about worms in the subways and cafes with cloves and berets, or James Mercer stepped in to produce and brought us into his back yard barn studio and harmonized on a country song about death and it became transcendent and kind of life affirming, or when co-producer Yuuki Matthews put a minimal dance bass over Shayde Sartin’s already punk bass on Drug Lake. The record is full of weird shit, like a complicated accident, I saw it happen, but I can’t say how.

And also, this new label will include a Zine with every release, like the days of SST and Raymond Pettibon. So with Hairdressers comes Zine #1, about watching the apocalypse on the phone, and how Nazis should always be tossed out of town and things of that nature.


  1. A Bigger Picture
  2. Ghost Days
  3. Another Life, Another Body
  4. Searchin’
  5. Someday I’d Like To Be An Artist
  6. Hairdressers From Heaven
  7. Take A Hard Look Down The Long Corridor
  8. Man Without A Past
  9. Drug Lake

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